Cristiano Ronaldo keen to buy a double-decker bus

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Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed plans to buy a red double-decker bus to impress his nieces and nephews when they visit.

The Manchester United winger said he wants to drive them around the countryside near his home.

"For me the sight of the red London buses is what my first thoughts of England were," Ronaldo said in a Portuguese newspaper.

"My nieces and nephews would love to play on one, so I’m going to buy one for them."

The traditional Routemaster double-decker was taken out of service in the capital in 2005, yet there is a growing campaign requesting their re-introduction.

Ronaldo should be able to buy one for around £10,000, which works out to be 2 hours work for the 24-year-old.

However, his neighbours in Alderley Edge, Cheshire, doubt he’ll drive it often.

"We’ve heard Cristiano wants to buy a bus, which will be a first for this area," said one local.

"We’ve been joking that he’ll be able to give us a lift to the shops, but I doubt he’ll drive it much."

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