Drogba: Ref is f***ing disgrace

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Chelsea striker Didier Drogba could be facing a huge UEFA ban after caught on camera hurling a tirade of abuse at referee Tom Henning Øvrebø, calling the official "a f***ing disgrace".

A stoppage time equaliser from Andrés Iniesta earned Barcelona a 1-1 draw on the night and on aggregate and sent the Catalans into a final meeting with Manchester United at the end of this month.

And it was all too much for a furious Drogba, having denied more than one penalty claim and foiled by Barça keeper Víctor Valdés, he stormed towards Øvrebø as the whistle went and completely lost the plot.

He began raging at the ref, got booked, continued his tirade of abuse and had to be dragged away before he turned to a television camera and screamed into it, describing the official as "a f***ing disgrace."

"Drogba was coming down the tunnel with ref Øvrebø alongside him," an eye witness told The Sun. "He kept shouting at Henning and the referee stopped.

"Drogba turned towards the ref and put his face just three or four inches from the ref’s face and kept shouting. He told the ref ‘This is a f***ing disgrace, you don’t have respect, something like that can’t happen. You can’t do that’.

"All the time he used his hand to intimidate the ref further.

"He kept slamming his hand to the wall just inches from the ref’s face. Øvrebø looked terrified — but never said anything."

The eye witness added: "Drogba looked crazy. He had lost control. But he never laid a finger on the ref, even though his behaviour was anything but civil."

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