Nemanja Vidić pledges Manchester United future

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Manchester United defender Nemanja Vidić has rubbished claims he is set to leave Old Trafford, declaring himself happy at the club.

The 27-year-old Serbian has spoken out after recent comments credited to his agent Paolo Fabbri claimed he was angling after a move to Barcelona.

"I've never said anything about Barcelona or Real Madrid or AC Milan - or any club," he said.

"I never speak about my future so I don't know why someone else does. I spoke with my agent about this and what he said.

"I know about all the rumours about me but I don't want it to have an impact on the club. It's not a good time for my club to be hearing those rumours."

Vidić also spoke out against the rumours suggesting his wife is unhappy with life in England.

He added: "It's not true that my wife is not happy.

"I don't know how that rumour came out, she's not what you'd call a famous wife. She's never spoken to a newspaper."

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