Sir Alex's respect for Arsène Wenger

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Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson insists there is now mutual respect between he and his Arsenal counterpart Arsène Wenger.

The pair have had several high-profile clashes since the Frenchman went to North London 13 years ago.

So when the two longest-serving managers in the Premier League face each other again at Old Trafford today, expect a warmth in what used to be an icy handshake.

Fergie told the press: "When Arsène came to Arsenal at first there were feisty things between the clubs and that probably transferred itself into both managers.

"But there has always been a respect for the work that has been done by both managers and for each other, nothing has changed in that respect.

"We are winners. That is why we are at big clubs like United and Arsenal. The history of both clubs means you have to be number one.

"Arsène and I have been here for such a long time that it's hard to imagine you're not going to have one or two arguments in that period of time.

"New managers come in and vanish after a couple of years so there's no longevity. Now it is just the two of us, so we will probably ride out in the sunset together."

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