Carlo Cudicini recalls his horrifying motorbike accident

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Carlo Cudicini tells for the first time about the story of the day he escaped death in Walthamstow two months ago.

The Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper knows his world could have ended last November in a horrifying motorbike accident on his way to training.

Cudicini's BMW motorcycle smashed into the side of a Ford Fiesta and the stricken star had to be flown to hospital by helicopter for emergency surgery on what were described as "potentially life-changing" injuries.

Two months on, Cudicini is still recovering from two broken wrists and a pelvic injury. He has a plate in his right arm and in his back and he walks with the aid of crutches.

"I remember everything because I was conscious all the time," the 36-year-old told The Sun.

"It all happened so fast, in a split-second. I remember the moment of impact and then I was lying on the floor.

"I realised straight away that I was lucky to have survived.

"Once I got to hospital they told me I had fractured my wrists and injured my pelvis and that actually calmed me down, because I knew then that I would be OK.

"Yes, I have broken my wrists but they can fix it. OK, it's a damaged pelvis but they can fix it.

"And once I knew it was not life-threatening I started to think whether this was career-threatening. That came virtually straight away."

He added: "In my mind I knew I could come back - I spoke with the surgeon and he said 'Yes, it is a bad injury but we will see'.

"But as long as they don't say 'Sorry, you are finished' then you always have hope.

"As a sportsman you set yourself goals and targets and my aim is definitely to be back playing - all my energies are centred on going back to what I was doing. I just don't know when."

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