'Lionel Messi will NEVER play in Premier League'

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Argentina international Jonás Gutiérrez has revealed that Barcelona star Lionel Messi has told him he will ­never play in England.

The Newcastle United ace revealed that Messi regularly asks him about English football, but insists he’s no desire to leave the European Champions, who helped him beat a hormone growth deficiency as a young teenager.

Gutierrez told The Daily Mirror: "He asks me about England, but he said he’s not going to come because he’s at a big club. It would be ­difficult for him to leave Barcelona.

"I think he is going to ­finish his career there – he’s always said that. In Spain, they talk the same language and he’s been there since he was very young.

"A lot of top English and European clubs would love to have him. Messi could do it anywhere, no problem about that. But he’s at one of the biggest clubs in the world and happy at Barça."

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