Pooping Cristiano Ronaldo figurine for sale

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Defecating figurines of Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo are being sold in Catalunya - the home of bitter rivals Barcelona.

Caganer of Cristiano Ronaldo
Photo: Caganer.com
A company in Torroella de MontgrĂ­ called Caganer.com, which specializes in the production of caganers, has been selling the hilarious little figurines since Christmas.

A Caganer is a small figure from Catalunya, usually made of fired clay, which depicts as squatting person in the act defecating. Literally translated from Catalan, Caganer means "The Shitting Man" or "The Fertilizer".

It is a humorous figure, originally portraying a peasant wearing a barretina (a red stocking hat), and seems to date from the 18th century when it was believed that the figure's deposits would fertilize the earth to bring a prosperous year.

With the course of time, the original personage of this pooping figure was substituted with personalities from the political and sports worlds and other famous personalities.

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