World Cup 2010 targeted by Al-Qaeda

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Terrorist group Al Qaeda has launched a threat against this summer's World Cup games in South Africa.

The list of national teams targeted include the United States, England, Germany, Italy and France, countries accused of being part of a Zionist campaign against Islam.

"It would be incredible to hear an explosion and see, through a live transmission, how the stadium turns upside down with hundreds of dead bodies during a match between the US and England, in a stadium packed with fans, if Allah wants to," read a statement the group published in a recent issue of the Jihadi online magazine Mushtaqun Lel ParaĆ­so (Wishing Paradise) and reproduced by US news source CBS.

"All the security checks and X-ray machines that America will be sending after reading this article would not be capable of detecting how those explosives made it into the stadium and that for a simple reason that we will be announcing in due course."

South Africa announced last October that its security forces had frustrated an Al Qaeda plot to attack during the World Cup.

According to reports published then, the South African National Intelligence Centre achieved to arrest several a number of suspects in Somalia and Mozambique that worked on a plot to carry out bomb attacks during the tournament.

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