Andrei Arshavin: I'm often translated wrongly

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Arsenal ace Andrei Arshavin insists he was misquoted in reports linking him with a possible move to Barcelona.

This week the Russian international was reported to have said that the opportunity to represent the Catalan giants "would be the peak of my career".

Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger has expressed his disappointment with the story, but Arshavin is adamant there is nothing in the reports.

He told Russian newspaper Sport Express: "I am often translated wrongly.

"If I talk to the English press, there is no problem, but when I say something in Russia, some special news agency takes it, translates it and sells these quotes.

"During the process of interpretation they translate my words as they see fit.

"I find this unpleasant. People might think I said something that, in fact, I never said."

Arshavin added: "I respect the club and I am happy that I am a part of it.

"I am very grateful to the Arsenal fans, who love me."

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