Ballack still waiting for apology from Boateng

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Michael Ballack says he is still waiting to receive an apology Kevin-Prince Boateng for the tackle that shattered his World Cup hopes.

Michael Ballack is fouled by Kevin-Prince Boateng
Photo: REUTERS/Jim Keogh
Ballack got injured in the finals of the FA Cup between Chelsea and Portsmouth after a dangerous tackle by the Berlin-born midfielder.

"Boateng has not been in touch," said Ballack in the News of the World.

"He apologised in public because he got a lot of pressure from the press.

"It would be a normal reaction if you have put somebody out - whether on purpose or not. It should be normal, but he hasn't been in touch."

He added: "It was tough. My last chance to play in the World Cup was over.

"It was important to have my family around me to support me. It will be difficult to see my team play, knowing that I am not a part of it because of this tackle."

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