Nasri: Several Arsenal players don't speak to Gallas

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Samir Nasri has revealed revealed that several members of the Arsenal squad refuse to talk to defender and former captain William Gallas.

Kolo Touré revealed last month that his feud with Gallas had driven him to quit the club for Manchester City last summer and Nasri admits his compatriot is not on good terms with many of those still at the club.

However, while Nasri confirmed a handful of players do not speak to the centre-half, he claims the rift doesn’t effect the teams on-field performances

Nasri told The Sun: "I don't communicate with him, but I'm not the only one at Arsenal who doesn't have any communication with him.

"We are four or five, but that doesn't stop us fighting for each other on the pitch.

"You don't get 11 friends in a football team, there are people who have affinities and who get on, but on the pitch we fight for the same cause."

Nasri was criticised in Gallas' autobiography for not giving up his seat on the French bus to Thierry Henry at Euro 2008, but the midfielder has explained that incident.

He added: "Thierry was absent with a back injury and I sat in his seat on the French bus. When he came back he said 'Can you get up?' But he said it in a certain way.

"So to wind him up I answered 'well, respect works both ways'.

"He then asked if I could stand up, I did and we laughed about it and watched a DVD together. That doesn't explain our Euro 2008 fiasco."

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