Special One's tearful goodbye with Marco Materazzi

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Footage of an emotional José Mourinho crying on Marco Materazzi's shoulder has become one of the hottest videos doing the rounds today.

In this clip captured by Italian TV, Mourinho is seen getting into his car after last week's Champions League final in Madrid where Inter Milan beat Bayern Munich 2-0 to achieve a historic Treble.

After rolling a foot down the road Mourinho's car then stops, at which point the Special One gets out the car, walks back up the road, where he finds defender Materazzi leaning with his back against a wall.

The pair then begin to embrace, with Materazzi slapping his boss on the back several times before they eventually part.

As he turns to walk away, Mourinho's face is contorted and he makes no attempt to hide his tears walking back down the road towards his car which then drives off with him.

Materazzi had admitted earlier that he tried to convince Mourinho not to join Real Madrid during the Champions League final, but his efforts were futile.

He told La Gazzetta dello Sport: "We spoke before I came on and I told him 'please stay, you won't be loved as much as you are here', and, while he cried, he said 'I have to go' then I came on, otherwise I would have cried too."

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