Fàbregas will certainly leave Arsenal, says Martin Keown

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Former Arsenal defender Martin Keown believes Arsène Wenger will not be able to stop Cesc Fàbregas leaving for Barcelona this summer.

The Gunners turned down an approach from the Catalan giants last week, but Keown suggests it is only a matter of time before a fee is ­reluctantly agreed.

Keown told The Sunday Mirror: "Fàbregas will certainly leave. What we are seeing at the moment are long, protracted, drawn-out negotiations ­between Arsenal and Barça.

"Arsenal are showing their early position and Barcelona are looking to get him for as cheap as they can.

"If Fàbregas’ body ­language is wrong, he’s such an ­important figure, then he has to go. We trust in Wenger to make the right decision for the football club."

He added: "The move to Barcelona is something that has been in his mind for some time. He wants to go back to where he began, but at the same time he wants to be respectful to Arsenal and to Arsène who has nurtured him through.

"It must have been difficult for him to see Arsène Wenger and ask for the move."

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