Can't decide? Just ask Paul the Psychic Octopus on your iPhone

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Have doubts about something? Do not know what to choose? Want to know who will win the match? Just let Paul the Psychic Octopus make all your decisions for you via a new iPhone app.

Ask the Octopus Oracle for iPhone
Yes, the famous oracle of the sea who became a media sensation after correctly predicting the outcome of World Cup games has gone digital.

Brazilian developers uTouch Labs created this program for people who can't choose between life's big decisions such as: Pizza or Sushi? Skirt or dress? Guilty or innocent? Date John or Joe? iPhone or Blackberry?

Simply enter two possible options, and the cephalopod soothsayer will make a choice.

Like Paul, who picked game winners by choosing a mussel from a container marked with a country's flag, the animated octopus makes his prediction by swimming to the sea floor and selecting one of two boxes.

Of course, none of the questions will be actually sent to Paul for consultation, but a random program algorithm will decide instead of you.

The app is available from the App Store now and costs US$0.99.

If the application is anywhere nearly as accurate as the actual Paul, then bookies everywhere will be in trouble come the next World Cup!

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