iPods making soccer players 'miserable'?

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Stoke City striker Dave Kitson claims iPods make soccer players "miserable" and crush team morale during crucial moments before kick-off.

Footie stars are frequently spotted wearing headphones on their way to and from games - the time Kitson said should be spent bonding with team-mates.

He told The Sun: "I find iPods one of the most anti-social things to have come into the changing room. Changing rooms should be buzzing with anticipation and energy before a game.

"But more and more I see players slumped around in their own world, generally looking miserable."

The 30-year-old further added instead of listening to their own music, the whole team should be listening to the same thing.

Kitson said: "Music can be a great motivational tool, but it works far better if everyone listens to the same thing and talks to each other.

"I like to think music should be used to get you up for a game of football - not for relaxing you. Football is not relaxing."

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