Becks boys in talks with Snoop Dogg over Christmas recording

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American rapper Snoop Dogg wants soccer star pal David Beckham and his three kids to record a Christmas recording with his own sons Cordell, 12, and Corde, 15.

Speaking at 7-Eleven's Cup for the Cause charity campaign, Snoop said: "We're in talks for that. I'm waiting for Becks to get back in town.

"I'm about the kids. You got his kids and my kids, and we bring them together.

"Beckham's three boys have never known anything but the spotlight since they were born, and if they have the talent of their mum and dad then they are destined for big things.

"Corde and Cordell really want to get into the record industry, and if they formed a group with the Beckham boys I think they could be really successful.

"I think probably only Brooklyn is old enough to be in the group yet, but as soon as Romeo and Cruz are old enough they can join the mix, man.

"I have already talked with Bow Wow and Soulja Boy about adding vocals to their single and they are in. With me, David and Victoria behind them, they would be unstoppable.

"I don't want to rush things, but I can't see why their first single should not be out by Christmas."

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