Is this the dumbest goalkeeper ever?

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Embarrassed Moroccan goalie Khalid Askri is now set for infamy worldwide for all the wrong reasons following one of the worst goalkeeper blunders in football history.

A 1-1 draw between MAS Fes and FAR Rabat in a Moroccan Cup game on Thursday night saw the game head to the dreaded penalty shootout to decide a winner.

During that shootout, FAR goalkeeper Askri thought he had saved a crucial spotkick as he pushed the ball away and immediately began to celebrate his triumph, turning his back on the goal, patting his chest and kissing his badge in an abundance of pride and dripping self-confidence.

However, as he saluted the crowd, the ball bounced back into the goal after his initial block and rolled over the line into the empty net.

To make matters even more embarassing, his side eventually lost the shoot-out 7-6.

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