Ukrainian women go topless, call for 'Euro 2012 without prostitution'

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A group of Ukrainian women's rights activists on Friday went topless outside Kiev's Olympic Stadium to protest sex tourism, just ahead of the draw for the Euro 2012 that Ukraine is jointly hosting with Poland.

Protesters demonstrate against prostitution during the upcoming Euro 2012
Protesters demonstrate against prostitution during the upcoming Euro 2012

Photo: Getty Images

Five members of radical feminist group FEMEN held up signs reading "EURO-2012 without prostitution", "UEFA attacked our gates" and others in front of the entrance to the stadium.

They also adorned their underwear with miniature footballs and wore toilet paper around their shins.

FEMEN claims that UEFA, European football's governing body, is encouraging the legalisation of prostitution during the 2012 European Championship, which kicks off in June.

The Ukrainian group, whose slogan is "We came, we undressed, we conquered," has repeatedly warned the 2012 European Championship will lead to an increase in sex tourism in Ukraine.

Ukraine is a popular destination for so-called bride tours where Western men pay to travel round the country, meeting local women at specially organized events.

However, the protest lasted only enough for reporters to take photos and videos as the women were very quickly dragged away from the spot by the police.

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