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Russian hooligans assault stadium security guards

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Four stewards needed hospital treatment after being attacked by large group of Russian fans in a walkway inside the Municipal Stadium at Wrocław on Friday.

A stadium steward lies on the ground after being brutally attacked by Russian supporters
A stadium steward lies on the ground after being brutally attacked by Russian supporters

Photo: YouTube

The incident occurred after Russia beat Czech Republic 4-1, with online footage showing a large crowd of Russian fans fighting with stewards in a stadium concourse area.

One steward was wrestled to the ground and repeatedly kicked by the group of men, including one who was shirtless.

Another security guard attempted to intervene, but he was punched by the same shirtless man, then kicked in the head by another fan.

"After the Russia-Czech Republic match a fight broke out," Marcin Herra, the head of the Polish company in charge of coordinating the Euro 2012, told TVP INFO.

"A large number of fans in Russia T-shirts attacked security guards then ran away. Four guards were hospitalised but soon released after receiving first aid."

Meanwhile in Lviv, a fight broke out between about 10 supporters of Russia and Ukraine outside the football fan zone in the early hours of Saturday.

Russian fans, delighted at their side's impressive win in the Group A opener, left the zone and started shouting and swearing at a smaller group of Ukrainians.

The two sides exchanged a few punches before local police intervened to stop the fight.

Tensions between the two ex-Soviet neighbors are particularly high in Lviv, in the far west of the country, in part because of Ukrainian resentment at Soviet rule from 1939 to 1991.

The Lviv region was the centre of a resistance campaign by Ukrainian nationalists fighting for independence from the Soviet Union during and after the second world war.

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