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Some tips for betting on Championship soccer

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Although the league itself is frequently overshadowed by the Premiership when it comes to media attention, it could be argued that from a sports betting point of view, the Championship is more exciting and challenging.

This is because it is a harder league to make predictions on, as ultimately there are limited numbers of Premier League teams likely to be in the running to either win the title or be relegated, whereas the Championship is a far more open affair.

Although this makes it exciting for sports betting fans, it also makes it harder, so how can you bet on it successfully?

Use betting tips websites with caution

There are lots of websites which offer tips for successful betting on the Championship, as there are with the Premiership, but these should be approached with caution.

Although it can be useful to get some advice - especially if it is provided by those with detailed knowledge of the league - some of these sites simply offer the kind of advice that should be common sense for most people.

You should also be wary of any website or phone lines that charge for Championship betting tips because there are plenty of places where you can get such advice for free.

Learn about the league

As with other forms of betting, such as playing games like poker at online casino sites, there is no real substitute for learning about the subject before starting.

There are fun ways to study soccer trivia in online casinos, such as soccer themed slots games, but it's never going to be up to date anough to help you with your current bets.

Click here to try the slots game anyway – it's still a fun way to pass time.

The difficulty in predictions is certainly true of all sports betting, but particularly a league like the Championship where things change so quickly.

It is unlikely to be enough to simply go on the form teams demonstrated in previous seasons - you will need to study their current form.

Summer transfer activity and any injuries or suspensions to key personnel that they may have that would affect their chances.

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