False Identity! Peru U-20 player is 25-year-old Ecuadorian

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The Ecuadorean Football Association has claimed that Peru U-20 defender Max Barrios is actually a 25-year-old Ecuadorean named Juan Espinosa.

How old are you? Max Barrios is 25 years old and not 17 years old
How old are you? Max Barrios is 25 years old and not 17 years old

Photo: El Comercio

This mix-up of epic proportions was revealed by Ecuadorian member of parliament and former journalist Rolando Panchana, who brought his findings to the the Ecuadorian Football Association.

Panchana claimed that the player was born Juan Espinosa in 1987 in Machala, Ecuador, and has played on multiple teams in Ecuador such as Liga de Loja, Deportivo Cuenca and Municipal Cañar.

The president of Liga de Loja also claimed the player was registered with them in 2010 when he was listed as a 22 years-old.

A spokesman for CONMEBOL, the governing body of South American football, said that Barrios would now return to explain the mix up to Peruvian football chiefs.

Meanwhile, Barrios' father Angel acknowledged his son was born in Ecuador but moved to Peru when he was six and his birth certificate proves he is 17 years old.

He told Peruvian radio: "My son hasn't done anything bad, he simply has dual nationality and decided to play for Peru."

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