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Spain brings great soccer, culture, & inspires slots games

Friday, August 23, 2013

Spain is well known for many things like world class soccer teams, a vibrant, passionate culture, and the famous Running of the Bulls, but it has also recently inspired an exciting slot machine game.

Spain's football teams (European for soccer teams) are among the world's best. Real Madrid is one of the world's most popular and well-known professional teams. Based in Madrid, it regularly ranks as the top team in the world.

Spain's national football team won World Championships in 2010 and 2012, hoisting the FIFA World Cup in 2010 as the only team to do so outside of Europe.

In 2009 the team went on an undefeated streak winning 35 straight games until finally losing to the United States. That's an uncanny record and a feat matched only by Brazil.

The only thing Spain seems to do better than soccer is celebrate. Spain's Running of the Bulls Ceremony is arguably one of the craziest in the world.

Each year young men don traditional Spanish garb. They wait in the square until a rocket is fired, and then jump out in front of a herd of bulls, and run as fast as possible in an attempt to stay out of the way of the charging bulls. It's a daring competition that's only for the bravest souls.

The festival's roots run back to the 14th century when cattle men transporting steers first tried scaring and exciting their bulls to move them along faster.

Since then the competition has grown to what it is today. In Pamplona in 2013, hundreds of people ran with the bulls.

Spain also inspires much safer pass times, like new casino games and now it has made its way to a new online casino.

You can get a real taste of Spanish culture from your own home without the risk of being gored by a bull horn.

The new slot game Pamplona captures all of Spain's vibrancy and culture in a fun, fast-paced game. It's now available at the online casino

This slot game features Spanish themed symbols, and an exhilarating El Toro Bonus where you can get up to 30 free spins or a 20 times multiplier.

That makes for some pretty exciting jackpots. The slot game also features 1024 ways to win with the Multiway feature that can improve your odds of winning.

The game truly captures Spain's passion with big jackpots offering spectacular payouts, and there are several wilds that will tilt a spin in your favor.

You'll see why this new Spanish-themed casino game is growing in popularity when you try it today.

When you can't actually get to Spain to enjoy its culture and festivals, this is the next best thing. Play Pamplona today at

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