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Tunisian female footballer changes sex to man

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Tunisian female footballer Fatima Maleh has announced on a national radio that she is now officially registered in civil records as a man.

Fatima Maleh obtained a certificate showing that she is more male than female
Fatima Maleh obtained a certificate showing that she is more male than female

Photo: Sport Radio Nationale

The 29-year-old was registered as female at birth and was treated for years as female by her family, friends and schoolmates.

"Everything was fine when I was a child, but things started to develop when I reached the age of puberty," Maleh told Sport Radio Nationale.

"When I passed the age of 12 and 13 and nothing happened, I began to wonder and ask questions, but I found no explanation.

"But I started to sense that I am not a female when I grew up a little order and started to feel attracted to girls."

Maleh became an international footballer whose career included a stint with a Gulf-based football team.

He kept it a secret from his female football team and told the radio station that he did not feel comfortable dressing in the team’s changing rooms.

"My sex organs look more like a man's," he said.

After years of suffering from a transgender dilemma, Maleh finally decided to start the process of changing his sex in government papers.

In 2008, he underwent a medical examination and obtained a certificate showing that he has more male hormones and masculine body features.

Based on that certificate, Maleh was able to win a court ruling to change his sex in civil records and national identity card.

And on 24 June 2013, he received his new ID card with his chosen name Mohammad Ali.

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