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Little girl escapes death after bomb blast hits Shakhtar Donetsk's stadium

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

CCTV footage at Shakhtar Donetsk's Donbass Arena has revealed the moment a young girl narrowly escaped death when the stadium was damaged by a nearby shell blast.

The 52,000-seat venue was shelled on Monday despite the current commitment to a ceasefire agreed between the Ukraine government and Russian-backed separatists.

The blast resulted in a large section of the stadium's glass-covered facade falling from a considerable height.

Now insane footage has been released showing what happened on the ground at the time of the shelling, where one little girl was inches from being seriously injured, or worse.

The video shows a little girl walking towards the stadium's entrance and falling to the ground as a blast hit above her head.

Thankfully, the majority of the collapsed glass and concrete missed her and she was helped to her feet by an adult before the pair ran away.

"As a result of a very powerful explosion, the shock wave caused considerable damage to the western and eastern sides of the arena," Vadim Gun'ko, the acting Facilities Director of Donbass Arena, told the club's website.

"Part of the glassed elevation collapsed, with the vast area being critically damaged. The internal space was also affected. We have been recording the damage, blocking the hazardous areas.

"We have a request to all Donetsk residents: under no circumstances should one approach the northern, western and eastern sides of the stadium, it's not safe at all."


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