Ex-Newcastle flop plays as 'fake' Claudio Caniggia in Argentina legends match

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Former Newcastle United misfit Daniel Cordone caused a scandal in Brazil at the weekend when he played in a veterans game impersonating former Argentina star Claudio Caniggia.

The real Claudio Caniggia (right) and his lookalike Daniel Cordone
The real Claudio Caniggia (right) and his lookalike Daniel Cordone

Photo: Reuters

Fans who paid to Sunday's game between Brazil and Argentina were expecting to see a line-up of former greats, and one of the star attractions was 50-capped Argentina forward Caniggia.

However, the former World Cup star didn't take to the pitch and in place of Caniggia, famous for his distinctive long blonde hair, Argentina fielded lookalike Cordone.

Big screens at the Arena das Dunas in Fortaleza put Caniggia in the lineup but spectators quickly realised that the former Glasgow Rangers striker was not there at all.

While Cordone does hold a certain physical resemblance to Caniggia, the former Magpies striker flawed his disguise due to visible right-arm sleeve tattoo - something that Caniggia doesn't have.

Reporters were puzzled by the appearance of the striker and sensing trouble, Cordone ignored journalists and went straight to the dressing rooms after the final whistle.

Organisers insisted Cordone was the real Caniggia, with André de Paula, of promoter Phoenix Sports, telling reporters: "This is the Caniggia, the real Caniggia. There is no other Caniggia."

Argentina coaches initially echoed de Paula's claims before eventually coming clean and admitting that it was Cordone and not Caniggia.

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