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Freestyle Football Popularity

Thursday, April 13, 2017

In football there is a little group of people who love football juggling tricks using part of their body with creative movements and insane ball control. Tricks that most people have not seen.

This kind of skills is also known as freestyle football. People who have never seen those tricks before will ask some questions like "can you play football as good as you juggle" or "what is it good for, you can't use that on the pitch".

So what is the benefit of freestyle football?

Many people perhaps are thinking like "why these people spending so much time for something stupid and useless?"

If you are not such a talented footballer, like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or Ronaldinho, and you're serious with your football I think that freestyle football is good way for practice that will give you some extra skills.

It will improve your first touch, ball control and other benefits.

But just because someone is amazing with juggling it doesn't mean he can play football well. Even so if you're a good freestyler, you don't need to be good on the pitch.

Freestyle football has recently earned popularity thanks to sites that allow users to share digital videos thru the internet.

Websites like YouTube have helped many anonymous freestylers reached their popularity. You can find thousands of videos from amateurs freestylers from all over the world.

While other websites such as NetBet helps people to place bets when when you want to get an extra excitement.

And here is some best popular freestyle football videos on YouTube:

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