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Lazio fans responsible for hanging Roma mannequins outside Colosseum

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Lazio Ultras fans have claimed responsibility for hanging AS Roma mannequins outside the Colosseum following last Sunday's Derby della Capitale.

Roma suffered a dismal 3-1 defeat in the derby on Sunday and four days later, dummies with Giallorossi jerseys were left hanging from a pedestrian walkway near the Colosseum in the Italian capital.

The mannequins was accompanied with a banner read: "A warning without offence...sleep with the lights on!"

A preliminary report suggested that Roma Ultras linked to the extreme right might be behind the display, but a statement released on Friday confirmed it was the work of the hardcore "Irriducibili" segment of Lazio Ultras.

Amazed and stunned by such narrow-mindedness, from the sensationalism and animosity that creates Italian journalism.

With the following note, the "Irriducibili" of Lazio's Curva Nord claim responsibility for the banner that appeared last night and clarify that everything should be confined to the healthy banter that creates the capital derby.

There was no threat to any Roma player, there were inflatable dolls, which were aimed to highlight the depressive state of (Roma's) fans and players on the other bank of the River Tiber.

It represented the continuation, not the end, of some healthy banter, that now three derbies have now passed.

The invitation for them to sleep with the light on was to prevent nightmares from disturbing their sleep, as is the case since May 26, 2013.

We won't apologise to anyone because, even if it's bad for some, it's all in the healthy right of deriding our eternal rivals.

This Press release is born from a need to respond and protect ourselves from a Press that aims to manipulate, alarm and mystify, rather than publicise clear and correct information.

See you in your next nightmare...

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