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Chelsea fan goes viral after 'Exposing the Myth' of Paul Scholes

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A Chelsea supporter has gone viral for destroying Manchester United legend Paul Scholes with a series of tweets.

Scholes is widely regarded as one of the best players to ever play for the Red Devils, and for good reason.

With 11 Premier Leagues and two Champions Leagues to his name, he is among the most decorated players in the club's history.

And yet it turns out his incredible feat wasn't enough to completely convince everyone of his ability.

Indeed, his exploits as a player have failed to impress a certain Chelsea fan called Ollie.

Ollie, who goes by the Twitter handle @BehanCFC, posted an incredible list of well-thought of points and facts against Scholes' reputation on Twitter.

At the risk of riling a large section of United fans, there is actually a bit of weight behind his points too.

Chelsea fan posts a thread of tweets entitled 'Paul Scholes Thread: Exposing The Myth'
Photo: @BehanCFC

The thread has been shared thousands of times by fans, sparking a huge debate between them.

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