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Football Betting Basics For Beginners

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Football betting and horserace betting are the two most popular markets for online betting.

Football is a simple game and therefore is easier to bet on provided you are aware of the basics. As football is generally a low scoring affair, the chances of the underdog winning are higher.

If you look at the in play or pre event football betting market, you will notice that there are many betting lines that will be open. Every betting line provided by online bookies UK will have various offers, which can often confuse you.

Therefore it is of paramount importance to know about the type of bets and promotions that online bookies UK will be providing its customers. Let us have a look at some of them.

Outright Bet
As the name suggests, an outright result bet is a bet that one makes on the result of the match. These bets are the easiest of the lot and almost all online bookies UK will provide you with the option to place outright bets. Just be aware of matches where the game can go beyond the initial 90 minutes as in such matches a draw may not be a possible outcome.

Accumulator Bet
An accumulator bet is one where you will have to predict a series of outright results correctly and win them all together. This type of bet is commonly associated with promotions and offers given out by online bookies UK as a percentage bonus enhancement or an accumulator insurance. The advantage of accumulator bets is that the bets can be placed on any fixed market and not just on the final result of a football game. Fixed odds accumulators tend to give better odds when compared to normal accumulator bets.

Half Time and Full Time bets
In this type of bet, you will be making two predictions – one prediction will be for the score at half time and the other prediction will be with regards to the score at full time. Most online bookies UK will give you the option to bet on the half time results as an outright bet or you can opt for a double bet by adding your bet for the full time result along with the half time result. You can also opt to bet on teams that will win each of the two halves in any given game. It is important to note that the bookies will rarely give you offers on these bets as they use these types of bets to build their profit margin.

Apart from the above mentioned bets there are other popular betting options offered by online bookies UK in football such as
  • Goal Scorer and correct Score betting
  • Cast Betting
  • Double Chance
  • Bets on Cards, Substitutes, Offsides, Corners, etc
  • Draw No Bet
  • To Score Bets – over/Under goal bets
  • Asian Lines
The different types of bets that have been mentioned above are just some of the popular bets you can find offered by online bookies UK for a football match. One has to understand that there are risks associated with betting and it is one's responsibility to properly understand the risk before they place serious bets on any sport, including football.

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