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Football Fitness, Strength & Speed Training

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

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Cristiano Ronaldo, Russell Westbrook, Odell Beckham Jr.

Have you ever looked at these people’s bodies and wondered why their muscles are so toned? Well, the answer can be found in their profession.

Obviously, these people are professional athletes; with Ronaldo for soccer, Westbrook for basketball, and OBJ, of course, for American football. Ronaldo, Westbrook and Odell Beckham are current icons of their sport, and their current prowess is due to their physique.

Nowadays, more and more people are taking an interest in shaping their bodies to reach their body aspirations. Numerous industries are now helping people out with this, with supplement companies selling all sorts of things. Online shops like have emerged nowadays, offering supplements and performance aids to the public.

However, as you may have noticed already, the people with the most toned bodies are the ones who are into sports. To reach their athletic body, you have to train like an athlete.

Here are some tips to help you through the course of your endeavor:

Know Your Body

First and foremost, before you go to any other steps, you would have to know about your body. Understanding your body’s limits, preferences, and more is important for you to know what to do and what not to do during training. There are a lot of things to know about your body like your body composition, somatotype, and nature of previous injuries. However, the bottom line is you need to familiarize yourself with your body. Knowing your body will also prepare you to do the next tip to reach your athletic body goals.

Pick Your Athlete

After knowing your body and its capabilities, it’s now time for you to pick the body you want by choosing to follow an athlete from the wide range of athletes out there. Picking an athlete with the same body type and features can extremely help you. If your bodies are similar, more or less, the training regimens you have to do are also similar to theirs. Usually, famous athletes post their training regimens and videos online which you can base your training on.

Strength and Speed Training

Again, to look like an athlete, you must train like an athlete. To train like one, you have to do the things they usually do in their sport like running and being generally strong. Strength training can develop your body very well, with body aesthetics coming out as a good side effect. On the other hand, speed training can develop your legs for more muscles and can boost your athleticism.

Eat like an Athlete

Athletes are not alien to diets. In fact, just like any other people who are working on their bodies, diet is an important facet of their lives. So if they’re not exceptions, then neither are you. Just like you need to learn about your matched athlete’s regimens and exercises, know your athlete’s diet also.

Unlike usual workouts, training like an athlete can require more time and attention, since these people are professionals who dedicate their time to getting in shape. Following these tips and techniques can help you a lot, but the most important tip of all is to remain motivated and to balance everything properly. This is vital because unlike them, you’re not a professional athlete and you may have other commitments. Also, always take precautions because even these people with the healthiest bodies out there can get injured.

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