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Blue blood encourages U-20 England football team, Southgate assists All Blacks

Sunday, October 8, 2017

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Word is out about the young Prince George is being accompanied almost everywhere by dad William, and this time it has been for the love of football.

The Duke’s agenda for the day begins by dropping off his son after which he got another assignment for the unveiling ceremony of winning the World Cup. Prince William is also the Football Association’s president was made acquaintances with sixteen players who play for the under-20 league matches.

The prince also received a warm welcome by all 23 members of the Lion’s Club in addition to the support crew who assisted the club in their victory. Mid 2017 saw the Lions becoming the very first team in London to win the honor after 1966 in their match against the Venezuela team with a 1-0 held in Korea.

William’s Good Luck for Josh

Pressmen heard the Prince William telling the young ones, "We need your youth and your passion" as the players took their trophy to show it to him. Prince William, who is also a big aficionado of Aston Villa, was all praises for loaner player Josh Onomah who hails from the Spurs. Josh was also amongst the young players who were displaying their trophy.

Paul Simpson, the chief instructor for England heard the duke tell him about Josh: "I saw him play the other day. He played very well."

On hearing this, the twenty-year old Josh Onomah happily informed media by saying: "William expressed how much of a Villa fan he is and how much he is going to come down to games and just wished me luck. To get wished luck by the prince is a big thing."

Royal Appreciation

Next week into September, the Duke took his little prince to South West London's Thomas's Battersea but did not take his spouse, the Cambridge Duchess. Kate Middleton had been down with illness but her husband informed their son's initial day at school went quite smoothly, despite fulfilling parenthood all by himself.

William told Coach Simpson that he could manage things quite well and it was a "good day" for the royal family. He also added: "It went well. There was one other parent who had more of an issue with their children - so I was quite pleased I wasn't the one."

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Senior Football with Gareth Southgate

England's senior football team has taken up chores with the New Zealand's All Blacks to gain some stimulation for widening their team ethnicity and overall rational vigor.

For several occasions in 2017, English football manager Southgate lent a hand with Owen Eastwood who had been an important pedestal in paving the way for NZ team culture to the front of their concluding season tour in 2014. He is also currently a member of the elite Warriors NRL cluster.

The manager who is also an eminent attorney by profession also heads a top-notch team performance culture organization has instructed his English team (men & women), Manchester City and Chelsea clusters together with the cricket team of South Africa in tandem with a NATO armed forces group. He also had good ties with Stuart Lancaster who was the previous rugby coach for England.

The New Zealand team's manipulation is the driving force for England as they embarked on a journey to the proving grounds at Royal Marines. The cap ceremonial platform in June 2017 included a new-player roundup before they join the senior club.

Gareth has also implemented new rules pertaining to punctuality, code of conduct and uniform in addition to motivating the players to maintain discipline throughout his presidency and beyond.

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