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Football fan wakes from coma after family played his team's favourite crowd chants

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

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A diehard football fan fighting for his life in hospital was woken from his coma after his family played him his favourite crowd chants at his bedside.

Tony Kemp, a devout supporter of League One side Plymouth Argyle, was left in a coma after undergoing eighteen hour surgery on a brain aneurysm that caused a mini-stroke.

His family were told to prepare for the worse as doctors planned to turn off his life support in 48 hours if he showed no recovery signs.

An hour before the deadline, devoted wife Danna played some Plymouth Argyle football chants on her iPad in a last-ditch attempt to revive her husband.

Amazingly, Tony opened his eyes and began his miraculous recovery from the stroke.

Speaking to the Plymouth Herald, Danna explained what happened to her husband.

I got a call from the surgeon, he asked me to go and speak to him - my first thought was "he's gone."

We went into ICU and we were told that if he didn't show any signs then his life support would be turned off in 48 hours.

He really pushed it to the limit - we tried talking to him, squeezing his hand and playing him music, but there was nothing. I brought the kids up to see him.

We decided to play some Argyle chants - which is when he opened his eyes.

The whole family were relieved that Tony responded to the chants, but their joy was dampened when nurses said he would need a tracheotomy tube to breathe.

Yet a day later, Tony again defied the odds by being recovering enough to have it removed.

Although Tony has made an incredible recovery, he now struggles with his memory and can't remember the players on the pitch.

He's walking and going to the shop independently. But his memory's not what it was.

Previously he knew all the players and everything, now it's a real struggle. He will look at the players and say where is so and so, but the player he is talking about has left the team years ago.

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