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Best Goals in Soccer History

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

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As much as we would like to believe that it's about the way you play the game, it ultimately ends up being about the final score. Goals do matter, and even more so when it comes to the most popular type of sport with a fan base covering about half of the world's population.

Each stadium pitch has seen its fair share of well-dribbled goals and far-flung attempts that landed the ball in the net. Still, some manage to go beyond, transcending time and leaving soccer fans in awe at the sheer possibility of them actually happening.

That is precisely what this list is about – in no particular order, it is a short overview of the greatest goals football players have managed to score from as far back as the game remembers.

George Weah, AC Milan vs. Verona (1996)
The incredible performance by George Weah at this duel allowed him to portray all that is expected of a single football legend – speed, durability, craftsmanship and precision. Managing to take the ball from his own team's penalty area and take it straight to the opponent's goal net is an achievement worth remembering.

Hugo Sanchez, Real Madrid vs. Athletic Bilbao (1985)
The thing about back-flip, bicycle goal kicks is that they are the hardest when it comes to making in-play predictions, let alone real-money wagers at NetBet live betting. Still, there are numerous instances of successful attempts, but Hugo's laser-sharp precision easily surpasses them all.

John Barnes, England vs. Brazil (1984)
On an international match, English footballer John Barnes surprised everyone including himself by a strike that would go down as history. After passing several opposing players across the goal's length, he managed to avoid the last one by a strike as sharp as it was unbelievable.

George Best, Manchester United vs. Sheffield United (1971)
Some would argue it's a classic diversion move, but the exactness and assuredness with which Best misled the entire opponent's defense and positioned the ball at the back of the goal made him worthy of a spot on this list and of his last name.

Lionel Messi, Barcelona vs. Getafe (2007)
Openly declared as the best player of his era, Messi is also the only that could pull out such a trick as the one at the '07 Copa Del Rey. In Maradona style, he passed 4 players and the goalkeeper to end with an incredible goal.

Pele, Brazil vs. Sweden (1958)
The World Cup Final saw 17-year-old Pele's first signs of the legend he was soon to become. The Brazilian footballer passed the two players surrounding him with an upward kick, and landed the ball in the net with a mid-air strike.

Diego Maradona, Argentina vs. England (1986)
Maradona's Goal of the Century at this World Cup Quarterfinal is a display of football intelligence, talent, endurance and creativity. That is why it has remained a model for offense strategies up until today's modern times.

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