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Someone has carved gigantic 'LFC' into Shropshire hillside

Saturday, November 11, 2017

The huge 'LFC' letters were spotted on the north side of Titterstone Clee Hill
Photo: @OrdnanceSurvey

A mysterious tribute to "LFC" - Liverpool Football Club, presumably - has been spotted carved into a Shropshire hillside with letters measuring 100 metres long.

It was captured by the Ordnance Survey's flying unit, which takes aerial imagery of over 50,000 square kilometres of the country each season.

The letters appear to be between 85 and 95 metres long - but may even be may be closer to 100 metres in length - similar to the famous Anfield pitch.

The intricate etchings are on common land and the Ordnance Survey believe they have been made by a farming vehicle in the picturesque countryside.

Danny Hyam, who works as part of Ordnance Survey's Consultancy and Technical Services team, said in the mapping agency's blog:

I think we can safely rule out aliens on this occasion.

Perhaps there is someone living in this area who supports Everton and has a back garden or bedroom window with a view of the hill and has a Liverpool supporting friend with an extreme sense of humour?

It is one of the most unusual ways of showing support for a team I've ever seen.

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