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7 Tips for Powerful Soccer Shooting

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

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If your dream is to become the next Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, then listen up; you need to up your scoring average. Now, while most young players find it intimidating, taking shots every day is the best way to become a record-breaking goal scorer.

Let us give you some useful advice on how to shoot more effectively with these 7 awesome tips:

1. Observe
In order to become an effective shooter, you need to check the goalkeeper’s position regularly so that you’re able to spot and take advantage of openings as they happen.

2. Choose the right technique
Before you take your shot, decide on which technique you’ll be using to score the goal. There’s nothing worse than having an undecided foot right before you take a shot. It could literally jeopardize your chances of scoring. When in doubt, go with the ever-reliable side foot shot, or alternatively opt for a more powerful instep if you’re shooting from distance.

3. Position your non-kicking foot appropriately
Ideally, your other foot should be positioned alongside the ball to keep it balanced while you angle your other foot to take the shot.

4. Keep your eye on the ball
Before you take the shot, your head should be facing down so that your eyes are on the ball.

5. Position your body
Also, your entire body should be positioned over the ball, not only to keep it secure from the competition but to maintain control over the shot when you do take it.

6. Touch the mid-section of the ball with the tip of your foot
For maximum control, touch the mid-point to the top half of the ball with your foot.

7. Keep calm
As difficult as it may seem, it’s crucial that you maintain your composure during this high-pressure moment.

Bonus Tips to Improve Your Scoring Chances:

• Instead of shooting high, shoot wide - This way, you’ll be able to deflect the ball just in time so you can take advantage of any sudden wrong-footing on the goalkeeper’s part.

• Shoot low - As any goalkeeper will tell you, it’s really difficult to catch a ball that’s moving low, and that’s mainly because it takes longer for it to travel, whereas a high-flying shot is easier to catch. So, to increase your chances of scoring, aim your shots low.

• Shoot through the keeper - Most goalkeepers struggle to catch shots that come straight at them, and will often divert the ball back onto the field instead of holding onto it. This will give you or a teammate the chance to finish the job and get the goal in.

Well, as you can see, becoming an effective shooter is all about doing, because if you don’t take the shot you’ll never know. As the popular saying goes, “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” So, if you want to play on the Serie A league one day, then put our tips to test in your daily practice as well as in the games that you play, and pretty soon you’ll become a pro player.

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