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The cost of being a football fan

Thursday, May 3, 2018

When the Premier League was formed in 1992, no one could have predicted how huge and popular the league would become worldwide.

The breakaway from the Football League was originally made to take advantage of the increased television and sponsorship deal which were being offered to the larger clubs in the top division.

Despite negotiations with the Football League in previous years, the clubs took advantage of these deals to form the Premier League. The football clubs mainly took advantage of this increased revenue by investing in their playing squads and spending large sums of money in order to improve their playing squad to compete with the best in the world.

However the money was also used to improve the stadium facilities in order to meet the requirements that all major stadiums had to meet that was outlined in the Taylor Report.

As a result of the clubs taking advantage of these lucrative deals which meant that the ‘larger’ teams would be shown on TV more regularly, other industries involved in the sport, such as the Premier League betting market, continued to explode and get larger thanks to the success in the league.

However, this increase in money across the sport has led to some fans being priced out of the game due to the expensive season and match-day tickets, but clubs and campaigners have been taking steps to ensure that ‘regular’ fans are still able to go to as many matches as possible.

The multi-million pound deals which Premier League clubs sign with manufacturers and sponsors means that clubs no longer solely rely on match-day income in order to operate at a profit.

However clubs still offer season tickets to all fans, running promotions, and expanding stadiums to get more and more fans into the stadium in order to watch the team.

Although these season tickets prices which clubs offer are still high compared to top division clubs in other countries, prices for season tickets are clubs are usually frozen or reduced and single away tickets are now capped at £30.

Despite these tickets usually being quite expensive, fans will still buy them to follow their team. Season tickets are usually the biggest cost to any fan that buys one at the start of the season, but there are other things that fans buy throughout the season which end up ‘adding’ up over the course of the season.

This infographic breaks down how much it could cost you to support and follow a Premier League club throughout one single season. Check it out!

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