Inter Milan and Roma engage in bizarre Twitter war

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Inter Milan and AS Roma will meet on the pitch next December

Inter Milan and AS Roma don't meet in the Serie A season until next December, but that didn't stop them from engaging in a Twitter battle.

It was confirmed on Tuesday that Kevin Strootman had left Roma for Olympique Marseille, and the French club decided to be inspired by the popular Fortnite game to announce the signing.

With Roma's Twitter account known to be one of the most entertaining official club accounts on the social media platform, Marseille's Twitter sought approval from the Italian club for their announcement video.

However, Roma's account elected to go a step further and actually poke fun at Inter's player announcements in the follow-up.

But of course, that wasn't ever going to be the end of it and the rest is actually pretty glorious.

Inter Milan and AS Roma engange in what could be the strangest Twitter battle of 2018
Photo: @Inter_en

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