Stevenage players go door-to-door pleading for home support

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Stevenage launchs new marketing campaign called the 'Residents Letter'
Photo: @StevenageFC

Stevenage FC players are taking direct action to try and improve attendances at home matches.

The League Two outfit on Tuesday launched a new marketing campaign called the "Residents Letter", which is aimed at encouraging the Stevenage residents to engage with the football club.

The "Residents Letter", written by manager Dino Maamria, are distributed to 44,000 selected homes within the town and surrounding villages during September.

Stevenage chief executive officer Alex Tunbridge hopes the campaign would attract some of the town's 88,000 residents to boost their home crowd.

For the club to have had an average home attendance of just 2,611 last season, in a town of 88,000 residents, it suggests that something is not working.

We are seeking to improve our stadium, matchday experience and engagement with the community on a daily basis, in a bid to become further embedded and valued within our community.

We now need the people of the town to come and play their part in supporting their local club.

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