Non-league player nearly has car towed playing vs Crystal Palace

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The most non-league thing happened on Friday when Dulwich Hamlet goalkeeper was forced to turn to fans for help as his vehicle was set to be towed.

Dulwich Hamlet goalkeeper Preston Edwards nearly has his car towed whilst playing in goal vs Crystal Palace
Photo: @CPFC

Hamlet were playing against Premier League side Crystal Palace in a friendly, fund-raising match, when the tannoy repeatedly notified the crowd of a car which was blocking a family in.

It turned out the vehicle belonged to Hamlet goalkeeper Preston Edwards.

Once he realised the car may be forcibly removed, Edwards yelled to someone in the crowd "that's my car!"

Dulwich Hamlet goalkeeper Preston Edwards left panicked after hearing a tannoy announcement saying his car set to be towed
Photo: @Preston_Eddy

Chants of "Preston move your car, Preston, Preston move your car" rang out before half-time, when the shot-stopper made a beeline for the car park.

Fortunately, someone was able to move the car for him before it was taken away.

The National League South side ended up lost the match 5-0 but, to be fair, we can't blame Edwards for being preoccupied between the sticks.

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