Giant Cristiano Ronaldo paraded at Viareggio Carnival in Italy

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Giant Cristiano Ronaldo paraded at Viareggio Carnival in Italy
Photo: Instagram/deborah_piacentini

A huge robot-like figure of Cristiano Ronaldo was paraded on Sunday in the Tuscan town of Viareggio, one of the most famous carnivals in Europe is held.

Every year thousands flock to celebrate the Carnival of Viareggio, held in Tuscany.

The annual event, which reportedly attracted more than 800,000 guests a year, regularly attracts visitors from the world over due to its rich history of incredibly detailed floats which comprise the centerpiece of the celebrations.

The main characteristic of the event sees a parade of floats and masks of influential people such as sportsmen and politicians.

Last year's iteration saw US President Donald Trump lampooned with a massive exhibit in which he was dressed in the regalia of a Roman emperor.

And this year it was the turn of soccer superstar Ronaldo to be the centre of attention.

The Portugal and Juventus star was depicted as a huge robot covered in armour, simulating a kind of Iron Man at the festival.

The silver figure was also partially animated, which only made it even more awe-inspiring as it stood tall with foreboding grey clouds as its backdrop.

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