Swedish man wins appeal to change name to 'Tottenham'

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Fans of Tottenham Hotspur during the UEFA Europa League Round of 32 first leg match between Fiorentina and Tottenham Hotspur on February 18, 2016 in Florence, Italy
Photo: Gabriele Maltinti/GETTY IMAGES

One Tottenham Hotspur superfan has gone to great lengths to show his love for the club after winning an appeal to have his surname officially changed to "Tottenham".

David Lind, a Spurs fan from Sweden, was part of a competition where people could change their names to their favourite club in England and emerged as one of the three winners.

He wanted to change his name after the North London club reached the Champions League final last season.

Spurs were beaten by Liverpool in Madrid but this didn't deter the superfan from going through with things.

There are laws in certain countries, though, which regulate names and whilst that's reserved to children in the most part, there are also rules in place for adults in Sweden.

Consequently, he was denied the right to change his name after sending off his application to the authority Skatteverket, the Swedish Tax Agency.

Mr Lind informed Nerikes Allehanda newspaper in June about his failed application.

This is very sad. It looks as if you can be called pretty much everything in Sweden but not Tottenham.

It is not any more natural to be called Newcastle, Arsenal, Liverpool or Guiseley.

There are a lot of people with strange names in Sweden. There is even someone called Potato. Maybe someone at Skatteverket is an Arsenal fan?

However, the story has a happy ending as the decision has now been overturned on appeal and he is now able to change his name to his favourite club.

Speaking to Swedish publication Expressen, Mr Lind said:

Seeing it go through now is almost like scoring goals in injury time.

I've been waiting for it. I also know that several people have appealed and taken this further.

I thought this day would come. But now it has taken so long that I thought they ran out of sand a little.

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