Men, take notes! This is how female soccer player deal with dislocated kneecap

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St Mirren women's captain Jane O'Toole bashes her dislocated kneecap back into place

A female soccer player in Scotland has showed how to battle on with an injury after she dislocated her knee during a match.

Although it's disappointing, diving and simulation has increased more and more in recent years.

Players tend to go down under minimal or no contact to try and con the referee into giving them a foul or trying to get an opposition player in trouble.

But one player who can definitely not be accused of play-acting is St Mirren women's captain Jane O'Toole.

Wwith her side 6-0 down to Inverness Caledonian Thistle after 50 minutes on Sunday, it looked like her afternoon was over when she went down with what was a serious knee injury.

O'Toole fell to the floor and as she tried to get back on her feet, her knee cap visibly popped out of its socket.

But instead of feeling sorry for herself, O'Toole decided that she was not ready to go off, so she bashed her kneecap back into place.

She was, of course, in huge pain and was treated by medical staff but amazingly, O'Toole went on to play the whole 90 minutes.

WARNING: Graphic content below:

Despite O'Toole's heroic conduct, St Mirren eventually lost the Champions League Cup tie to Inverness 7-0.

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