Why soccer stadiums are upgrading to LED lighting

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Field lighting revolutionized sports when it became available. Nighttime games became possible, and that dramatically boosted attendance. Indoor gameplay became practical, leading to enclosed arenas and roofed stadiums. However, the sports lighting continues to evolve. Let's learn a few of the reasons why soccer stadiums are upgrading to LED lighting.

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Lower Utility Costs

LED sports lighting is as bright or brighter as traditional light bulbs but are far more efficient. This means you need less power to create a bright playing field. And reducing the overall power needs results in a lower power bill. This makes LED lights a worthwhile investment in soccer since you are required to have at least 30-foot candles of horizontal target illumination. In a professional stadium, the minimum illumination level is 75-foot candles.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

LED lights may or may not cost less than a comparable sports lighting system. A side benefit of LED lights is that they come with lower maintenance costs since the bulbs last far longer. Depending on your existing system, switching to LED lights may allow you to install more lights in the stadium or along the field without having to add more circuit breakers and power cables. This doesn't even take various power companies or government rebates into account for installing more energy-efficient lighting.

Increased Player Safety

LED lights do away with the mercury and other toxic materials in ultra-bright lights. They're also more resilient. For example, LED soccer field lights are less likely to shatter if hit by a stray ball. Now your players won't be showered with glass when they hit the light. Furthermore, LED lights create a consistent bright light across the field, eliminating shadows that hide uneven turf and other issues that can cause problems for running players.

A side benefit for facility managers is that the LED lights last far longer. That means your team is less likely to get hurt climbing ladders to replace burned out bulbs; it simply isn’t necessary nearly as often.

The Digital Connection

Bright, consistent lighting is essential to capturing high-quality video and digital pictures. That makes LED lighting a necessity if you live stream games or have photographers taking photos of the team as they practice.

LED light systems are often much more intelligent and interconnected than traditional lighting networks. This isn't just a matter of switching a scoreboard from 10 to 11. These smart lighting systems are why you can have animation on the scoreboard. And it is why you can download programs to create elaborate light shows using stadium lighting. You could have it scroll or flash, using all of the lights to entertain the crowd or signal that the home team scored.


LED lighting is more natural to set up with colors and dimming capability. Using field lights on low on an overcast day uses much less power than turning them on full blast; that improves player visibility on cloudy or rainy days. The ability to change colors may allow you to use them as decorations or as part of your emergency alert system. Or use them as supplemental lighting for concerts.

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