André Gomes emulates Tom Hanks scene from 'Cast Away'

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André Gomes emulates Tom Hanks scene from 'Cast Away'

Everton star André Gomes proved spirits remain high during the coronavirus lockdown after brilliantly recreating a scene from Tom Hanks's movie "Cast Away".

The global coronavirus pandemic has put the football world to a halt, with all major European leagues suspended until April and UEFA postponing the Euros until next summer.

As football has been suspended, many clubs have also shut down their training complexes, forcing players to stay at home to self-isolate and quarantine.

Gomes is one of those individuals in isolation and he is trying to help others have a laugh and forget about COVID-19 for a while.

The 26-year-old has done his bit to lighten the mood in these troubling times by sharing a video on Instagram imitating Hanks' classic Oscar-winning performance as Chuck Noland in "Cast Away".

The 2000 survival film starring Hanks, who along with his wife Rita Wilson recently tested positive for COVID-19, depicts a man stranded on an uninhabited island after his plane crashes in the South Pacific.

In the movie, Hanks' character has conversations with a volleyball he calls Wilson, which he has found in remnants of the plane's cargo.

Sharing a conversation with his own interpretation of Wilson, Gomes is heard saying:

Oh, I don't even know which day is today.

It's been a while at home.. lack of food.. it's hard eh?

What? I don't know.. maybe a few more weeks.

Imagine for me.. I was out of football for four months.. without touching the ball.. and now that I'm back I have to sit at home.. it's bad, really bad.

What can we do?

Some exercise.. Netflix.. doing the challenge people put on Instagram.. that's it.

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