RB Leipzig forced to apologise after Japanese fans kicked out of stadium in fear of coronavirus

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RB Leipzig forced to apologise after Japanese fans kicked out of stadium in fear of coronavirus
Photo: @DieRotenBullen

Bundesliga side RB Leipzig have apologised after some Japanese fans were reportedly ejected from their stadium due to fears they were carrying the deadly coronavirus.

Reports in Germany said security staff at the Red Bull Arena for Sunday's 1-1 draw against Bayer Leverkusen moved in to ask 20 Japanese supporters to leave just ten minutes into the game.

The club had previously said they would tighten safety precautions at the ground, but it has been claimed that was only due to lead to placing more disinfectant around their stadium - not ejecting those watching the game.

Leipzig, who sit second in the Bundesliga, three points behind leaders Bayern Munich, have since released a statement apologising for what happened.

In accordance with recommendations from the Robert-Koch-Institute (General Principles of Risk Assessment and Recommendations for Course of Action at Large-Scale Events), the ground's security personnel had been instructed to intensify checks regarding the admission of certain groups due to potential risk.

Unfortunately, in this instance, amidst the great uncertainty surrounding this topic, by which we are currently also affected, a mistake was made on our part with respect to our Japanese guests.

In light of this mistake, we would like to extend our apologies. We are already trying to get in contact with the fans in question to invite them to our next home game to try and make amends for the incident.

As for our handling of the Coronavirus issue, we will continue to work thoroughly and on a daily basis with the authorities in order to try and reach the best possible solution for all of our guests.

Coronavirus has spread from Wuhan in China to countries across the world, with tens of thousands of confirmed cases and thousands of deaths worldwide.

The number of people infected with the coronavirus in Germany rose sharply to 129 on Sunday. There have been reported Covid-19 cases in nine of the country's 16 states so far.

The disease has already affected the world of football, with five Serie A games cancelled in Italy at the weekend and no games to be played until March 8 in the regions affected in Italy's top flight.

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