The 5 best virtual sports games

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Wish you could enjoy a quick flutter on the horses or bet on the footie anytime, anywhere? Inspired Gaming have released a series of on-demand virtual sports. All combine the excitement of sports betting with the ease and convenience of an online casino game. Check out the top 5 to play according to the guys from bgo.

# 5: Rush Cars Go

Get your motor running on Rush Cars Go. Thanks to real engine noises, you’ll feel like you’re right beside the track as you place quick bets on 12-car races. Find betting markets inspired by the world of motorsports and the casino. Stake your money on your favourite driver to win, or even on blackjack (that’s the first 3 cars totalling 21).

# 4: Rush Darts Live

It’s all eyes on the bullseye in Rush Darts Live. Featuring the faces of famous throwers like Tony O’ Shea and Bob Anderson, this game takes realism to the next level. Choose the real darts legends you want to see go head to head in a virtual battle. Then, place your bets and watch the throw at your own pace.

# 3: Rush Football Go

Forget betting slips and complicated odds. Rush Football Go lets you bet on the beautiful game using casino chips. Put your money on match bets or even accumulators. You’ll have the option to cash out at any point during the match. Plus, just like in a lot of casino games, a bonus wheel can pop up as you bet. Spin it to win up to x10 win multipliers.

# 2: Rush Horses Go

Squeeze all the excitement of a day at the races into just a few minutes playing Rush Horses Go. Giving you up to 33 betting options on each 12-horse race, this virtual sports game hands the reins over to you. Place traditional wins and forecast bets. Or, go for the casino-style bets, such as odds, evens, reds or blacks.

# 1: Rush Football Live

See how much you can net from Rush Football Live. Access to your own on-demand football league gives this virtual sports game the edge over Rush Football Go. Follow your team and analyse their performance throughout the season. With ultra HD graphics and the ability to place in-play bets, it couldn’t feel more like real football.

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