The most famous casino cheaters

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Don't we all revel in hearing about true crime? Especially casino cheats and how they were caught - which the vast majority of casino cheats are one way or another!

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Here are some of the most world-famous casino cheats and how they used tricks, human psychology and technology to try and get away with prize money from casinos.

Unfortunately for all these casino cheaters, they were all eventually caught and all of these cheating methods no longer work on modern-day land-based casino games or online casinos games, as casino operators got wise to these tricks and with the help of technology and security surveillance were able to protect the casino and players from casino cheaters - click to see.

Dennis Nikrasch

Dennis Nikrasch is known as the "Slot Machine Breaker" because he was hailed as one of the greatest slot machine cheaters ever known. Nikrasch was infamous as a cheat once he was caught but started out as a humble locksmith who was born in the 40s before he decided he wanted to use his skills as a locksmith to supplement his income in the 70s on slot machines.

He worked out that he could rig the cogs that once made the reels on a slot machine spin to help him win. He used his skills to cheat various casinos out of at least $10m until he was finally caught and was sentenced to five years in prison.

He didn't learn his lesson and as soon as he was released he tried his luck again rigging machines in Las Vegas before being caught once more and was sentenced to another 7 and a half years behind bars for his crimes. Dennis passed away in 2010 and took most of his cheating tricks to the grave with him.

Monique Laurent

Laurent was an infamous femme-fatale who was known for being a roulette cheater back in the 70s in France. Monique cheated various casinos in France using a remote control disguised in a cigarette packet which stopped the ball at her command.

Monique didn't play but stayed close to the table and was in cahoots with both the croupier and a player accomplice which she would share the winnings with.

If she hadn't of frequented the same casino and the very same roulette table, she may have got away with her scam, but it was short-lived and they were busted after only a week of success.

Richard Marcus

Also known as "The Switcher", Richard Marcus is infamous in the casino world and out of all the casino cheats, he was one cheat who managed to flee with his winnings!

Marcus is even an author of books on American Roulette where he unveils his secrets and strategies but as a result, he has a lifetime ban from all Las Vegas casinos but never got sent to prison for his cheating.

His secret was that as he worked in casinos, he had knowledge of how the roulette tables were managed and therefore was able to use his sleight of hand to cheat casinos out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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