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So you're playing an online slot and wagering your own money. When you hear the words "free" and "multiplier", it sounds pretty enticing doesn't it?

Anything which gives you the opportunity to scoop a prize for free, or multiplies what you already have must be a good thing, mustn't it?

In short, yes. Free spins and Multipliers in online slots at are there specifically to make your life a little bit more exciting, and to assist you in your endeavours to win back some money.

However, there's an important question that online slots players have to make. Some online slots games give you no choice on how many spins you win.

However, there are some games that hand the player more freedom. Often, you'll get a choice between loads of free spins but a fairly low Multiplier. Other times, you'll have to choose between fewer free spins but a much more lucrative Multiplier.

The choice is yours, but what's best to do? Do you go for fewer spins but attractive multipliers or vice versa?

A good example of this choice is Microgaming's online slot game, Game of Thrones. It gives you the choice between four options: eight spins with a 5x multiplier, ten spins and a 4x multiplier, fourteen spins with a 3x multiplier, or eighteen free spins and a 2x multiplier.

Should you choose multipliers or free spins?

Many online slots players will ask themselves this question. If you're playing Game of Thrones, which option is best? Do Multipliers increase your chances of a big win, or should you opt for free spins?

It all comes down to variance. If we look at another game, Dolphin Tail, it's another good example of analysing all the various possibilities. It's an optional 40 pay-line slot, and gives you five different ways of choosing your free spins.

In this game, you have the option of picking 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 free spins. However, each option you choose will affect the Multipliers available too. There's the rub.

If you decide to play the maximum number of pay-lines and want the chance of winning a large pay out, you should go for the high variance free spins. This is the five free spins option, awarding a Multiplier on each winning free spin of x10, x15 or x20. The prize could be much bigger, but there's less chance of scooping it.

Conversely, if you want a low risk and low variance as you're only playing a small number of paylines, it's better to go for the maximum number of free spins. Take the 25 free spins on offer, and you'll increase the odds of spinning a winning combination, although the Multipliers are just x2, x3 or x5.

Personal preference

It all comes down to what's best for your situation. If you like a low risk game, choose the maximum number of free spins, and though the Multipliers won't be so lucrative, you'll have more chance of smaller wins.

Nevertheless, if you like high risk online slot gaming, take fewer spins, and bank on winning a massive Multiplier, meaning that you could walk away with significant amounts of money!

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