Hartlepool player ruled out due to injury caused by COTTON-BUD

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Hartlepool player ruled out due to injury caused by COTTON-BUD
Photo: @Mark_Shelton8

Hartlepool United will be without midfielder Mark Shelton for their League Two fixture against Scunthorpe on Saturday because of a cotton bud incident.

Shelton has been a key player for Hartlepool this season, featuring in 33 games in English football's fourth tier as the club has successfully staved off the threat of relegation.

However, the 25-year-old won't be available for a trip to Glanford Park on Saturday, with Hartlepool boss Graeme Lee telling BBC Radio Tees that Shelton has been left feeling disorientated after pushing a cotton bud too far into his ear.

Mark's had a cotton bud in his ear that has gone in too far.

He's gone to the hospital, sounds like the tweezers have gone in too far and he's dizzy and can't stand up.

Shelton is not the only player to have been ruled out of action in strange circumstances over the years.

Several other players have also succumbed to strange off-the-pitch incidents that have ruled them out of action.

Svein Grøndalen was forced to miss a game for Norway when a stray wild moose emerged from the roadside and catapulted him in the air.

Spain goalkeeper Santiago Cañizares had to miss the 2002 football World Cup after he accidentally dropped a bottle of aftershave on his foot, severing a tendon on his right foot.

When Rio Ferdinanad was at Leeds United, he suffered a tendon strain in his knee after putting his feet up on a coffee table for too long whilst watching TV.

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