How signing Christian Eriksen will improve Manchester United team

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How signing Christian Eriksen will improve Manchester United team
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Manchester United's performance continues to plunge low since early 2022. In their match against Brighton, they continued their losing streak in the premier league fixture.

In the current premier league season, United started with a new head coach, Erik Ten Hag. Ten Hag was signed to revive the team, which finished sixth place in the 2021/2022 EPL season. That prompted the signing of new players, including Christian Eriksen.

The Danish international player debuted in the United's home game against Brighton. He was initially used as a false nine but went to the mid-field position in the second 45 minutes, where he performed better.

Here are five in which Eriksen could be a phenomenal addition to the team.

1. He will assist

It's no news that Eriksen is a phenomenal player. Manchester United signed Eriksen from Brentford, where he made his debut on February the 26th. His impact on the club was transforming as he prompted the win of 13 matches. However, his contract for Brentford was only for six months.

During that time, he was instrumental from the midfield. Only Kevin De Bruyne (42) of Manchester City and Martin Odegard (38) of Arsenal had more assists than Eriksen from his debut in the EPL.

That is important to the United side, which had near zero goals last season. Manchester United needs a creative mindset like Eriksen to do well in the premier league upcoming matches.

2. He will bring coordination

The Manchester United midfield has been in total disarray since the previous seasons – they lacked coordination and were easily outperformed by their rivals.

With Eriksen's wealth of knowledge and experience – from playing with different teams like Inter Milan, Tottenham, and the Denmark International – the midfield has the potential to be back in order and make United into the dreaded team it once was.

3. He will assist center backs

A recurring challenge with United is the porosity of their center backs. Man United conceded more goals than they could have imagined last season. The center-backs have their faults, however, yet another prevalent issue is the lack of a solid defensive midfielder.

Eriksen can help change the narrative – just as he demonstrated in his debut game against Brighton. In that particular match, he outplayed Fred and McTominay, proving that he has what it takes to efficiently play the role.

4. He is a Beacon of Inspiration

Football fans everywhere have been impressed and inspired by Christian Eriksen's story. In the Euro 2022 Denmark's first match with Finland, the midfielder slumped on the pitch due to a cardiac arrest. After surviving that episode, he went to receive a contract termination from Inter Millan and is now playing in one of the most famous football clubs in the world.

5. Off-Pitch Reformation

Eriksen is an experienced player with humility and integrity, which is vital since the team is looking to build confidence on the pitch. That can be greatly beneficial for the United players as, according to several reports, the dressing room has become a tense territory due to a disgruntled Ronaldo.

To conclude

While Eriksen has much to bring to the table, Manchester United will need more than the midfielder’s best efforts to go back to winning ways and perform better during this season. It is undoubtedly going to be a collective player's effort as the players must show the willingness and zeal to win and return to their glory days.

Fortunately, Erik Ten Hag is a capable coach who has a plan for the club. However, given the current state of the team, afficionados must be patient with him if they would like to see significant changes.

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